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Whether you’re looking to trim down, tone up, build muscle, increase your strength and stamina, rehabilitate an injury, prepare for a event or just feel your best, having a personal trainer in your corner is invaluable – and we’ve got the best trainers around. Because we know quality makes all the difference, everyone on our team holds and maintains an NCCA accredited Personal Training Certification.

When it comes to getting results, having a holistic plan is imperative, which is why every personal training client at Lion&Luxe receives a cardio prescription and a nutrition program in addition to their detailed, personal training program. Progress comes quick when you’re firing on all cylinders and our team knows what it takes to make that happen.

No matter what goal you might have, we have an expert on staff who can help you make your aspirations a reality. Ready to start your journey to the best version of you? Sign up for a free session today!


With the combination of in person sessions and the support of our mobile app we have a program that will fit your lifestyle and your budget.

Your entire program and the support of your trainer is at your fingertips. Follow and track your workouts when you’re not with your trainer. Having trouble remembering the exercises we showed you? Excise breakdown and videos discussing proper form are right in your training program section of our app.

Follow along with your daily nutrition program in our app as well. Keep in mind your trainer can see this as well, offering extra accountability.

Time to get your cardio session in? Follow along effortlessly with verbal cues for speed and intensity changes that seamlessly play over your music without interruption.

Have a question you can’t seem to find an answer to? Message your trainer for clarification.


Success Stories

I originally began this road on my own, working out at a gym and trying to eat healthy, but just wasn’t seeing the results I wanted to.

Sam’s high energy, even during our 8:00PM sessions, really helps give me the push I need to do better and I’ve accomplished much more towards my goals while working with trainer. Enjoying your time here helps a lot, I think without that it would be a lot harder to pursue this.

After working with Sam I finally understand that it isn’t just about workouts and diet, it’s also about recovery and knowing when to let your body heal.

Shawn K.

I’m coming up to my one year mark with Lion and Luxe and I couldn’t be happier!

I signed up to have guidance and the proper knowledge to train for bodybuilding competitions in the safest, healthiest way. I do indeed get all that and more.

Brent Bareham has been absolutely amazing through every step along the way. I have also experienced the best massages I have ever had from their in house massage therapist Andrea!

I would absolutely recommend Lion and Luxe for any level of improving your fitness journey.

Christina M.
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        Our Certified Trainers

        Denise M. CPT

        Certified Personal Trainer

        Denise is a NASM certified personal trainer who began her fitness path with cardio and running. While she still runs every day and competes in marathons, she has a passion for resistance training and weight lifting that drives her to be a great personal trainer.

        Brent Bareham, CPT PES

        Founder & Training Director

        Brent is the Founder and Training Director at Lion & Luxe. He is a NASM certified PT, Performance Enhancement Specialist and has also coached aesthetics athletes to first place and Pro Card victories. His desire to help others build strong, beautiful bodies is where Lion&Luxe gets its name.

        Sam Guider, CSCS

        Certified Personal Trainer

        Sam is our Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He completed his B.S. at Fredonia and received his Masters in Exercise Physiology from Cortland in 2017. He is passionate about helping those around him be the healthiest version of themselves.

        Jenn Cichello CPT, WLS

        Certified Personal Trainer

        Jenn is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer who started her journey as a client of Lion and Luxe. After losing over 50 lbs. she decided she wanted to change careers and become a trainer herself. She has gone on to become a Certified Weight Loss Specialist and is passionate about using the education she’s received to help people accomplish their fitness goals.

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