Preparing for a competition can be an exciting, complicated and at times grueling process. Everyone's body is different and as you prepare to take the stage, your training and diet must be tailored specifically to the response of your body. Having a professional trainer with experience producing 1st place aesthetic athletes can make all the difference.
We have worked with clients all around the country and have recently expanded overseas, meaning that you don't have to be local to look your best on stage. Your trainer will assess your current physically condition, help select a contest appropriate for you and will personally oversee your nutrition and training program all the way to the stage.


"I wanted a balanced physique I felt more confident with, but I was intimidated by weight training and wasn't sure how to progress my workouts as my body changed. After just a year of training with Brent I went from doing the occasional cardio workout to becoming a bikini competitor and took 1st place in my first show. I have found a new passion for exercise and living a healthy life style. I'm excited to see how I progress in the next year!"

OCB Novice Short, Novice Overall and Open Short Winner

Update: Tracy won her WNBF Pro Card and is now training with us to compete in professional shows!