About Us

Your life should speak well of you. Your passions should be evident in the way that you choose to live your life. We at Lion and Luxe have chosen to pursue careers in personal training because we are equally passionate about both physical fitness and enriching the lives of those around us. Our hope is to fuel the fire inside of our clients that tells them to be more than they were yesterday, and to provide them with effective programming that will allow them to achieve their goals efficiently and definitively.

All of our trainers are certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and specialize in fat loss, body transformation and lean muscle gain. Our clients have ranged from high school and college athletes, to women chasing a better beach body, to seniors trying to regain strength and stability so they can enjoy life with the vitality they have always known.

I personally started "working out" when I was about 16 years old. At the time, to me that meant going to the gym, looking around, and emulating what everyone else was doing the best I could. It's funny looking back, because I'm pretty sure that everyone else in there was doing the exact same thing; copying people who were copying people who also had no idea what they were doing...

This is how most of us learn to exercise and, although it's nice to fit in and experience community, that's not why we workout. We give up our free time and energy for one thing: RESULTS. (That's why you're reading this right now, isn't it?)

When I began to study the science of exercise and develop programs specifically for my goal, that was when things finally started to click. Over the course of two years I gained 20lbs. of muscle and lost 6% of my body fat. That was more than I had accomplished in seven long years of "doing what everyone else was doing!"

It became clear, fitness knowledge was the key to dramatic transformation.

How long should I do cardio? What intensity should I use? How many reps should I do, and how many sets? Are some exercises better than others for specific goals? How long should I rest between sets? How much should I eat? What should I eat? All of these questions have answers, backed by scientific research. Knowing the answers is the difference between reaching your goals and wasting your time and money.

All of us at Lion and Luxe have spent years studying exercise science and training clients with exceptional results. Let us coach you on how to achieve your fitness goals faster and more efficiently than you've ever imagined. It all starts with you. Take that first step and contact us now. Your initial assessment and program consultation is always at no charge so there's literally nothing to lose and everything to gain. Contact us now.

A team of our clients after the 2015 Buffalo Tough Mudder!